Monday, November 1, 2010

The Sweetest Thing

Holidays aren't usually my thing. They're my husband's thing, but since he's currently unavailable, the task of making Halloween an enjoyable occasion fell solely on my shoulders this year. But I have awesome friends, and I love getting together with them and our kids love each other, so it wasn't too much of a sacrifice to take the girls out trick-or-treating myself this year because, really, I was far from alone!

Altogether our group consisted of 11 kids (12 if you include the baby, which I didn't) and 9 adults. Believe me, we needed every single one of us to make sure we didn't accidentally lose anyone as we made our way from house to house! But we all made it around and back with fairly little drama and the entire kid-tourage intact. I call that a victory!

But the best part of my night so far was after the candy-corn panhandling was done, after a lovely time just hanging out with my friends while our kids raided and compared their loot, after getting the girls home...

Right before going to bed, Sofia came downstairs with a TWIX in hand (it's one of my favorites). She handed it to me and said, "mommy, I just want to give you this TWIX to thank you because I had a really good time tonight."

Now, I really LOVE chocolate. Really, really. I have a wicked sweet tooth. But you know what? That moment was definately sweeter than all of the candies the girls brought home last night put together. Better, even, than the pumpkin pie cheesecake waiting in the fridge for me.

For once I was extremely grateful that I went ahead and participated in Halloween, even without my partner in crime here to enjoy it for me. But that one moment was certainly the sweetest thing I could have experienced last night, and possibly even the nights to come.

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