Saturday, January 29, 2011

An Open Letter To Gwennyth

Dearest Gwennie-ca,

First of all, mommy loves you.

BUT... could you please stop growing out of your clothes faster than I can move them through the laundry? The growing pile of carefully picked out clothing, which you've grown out of before you could wear them, is depressing me. The eensy pile of clothing which does fit you, depresses me. And frankly, its sucking the joy out of clothes shopping for you. Which also depresses me, because clothes shopping for you and your sisters is usually something I enjoy.

Allow me to tell you a quick story:

Once upon a time, there was a Greek god named Hercules who traveled the world on missions and stuff. One day he came across a man who was terrorizing travelers by tricking them into lying down on a mattress and cutting off the parts of their legs that hung over the side. Hercules found out about it and took care of that nut job right quick.

Not saying I'm going to do that so you still fit in your clothes, cuz that's just nutso. And also child abuse.
What I am saying is that, theoretically, there are ways to ensure you don't grow out of your clothes so quickly.

So anyways, mommy loves you. Even though you're growing way too frikkin fast.

Your mom

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