Thursday, September 30, 2010

Domestic Politics

Around the nation, officials and voters alike are getting ready to head to the polls come November. Unfortunately for me, my 7 year old has caught Election Fever, and announced that in mid-November there will be a domestic election for the King and Queen of our household (never mind there's only one male living here. And that Kings and Queens aren't normally elected). She even made up campaign posters.


this is supposed to be me

It should be quite obvious who the front runners are for Queen of the House (If not, you may want to get your eyes checked).  Oddly, it certainly isn't me.

What do you suppose the implications would be if I lost the election to be the Queen of the House to my 7 year old? *shudder*

I don't even want to think about it. So, I won't.

However, I will say, if Allie happens to approach you about your vote, tell her you're going to VOTE FOR ME!! I'm not always mean. Only sometimes. But as long as you pick up your shoes off the floor and refrain from flooding the bathroom floor every time you take a bath, I think you and I will do juuuuust fine.

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